Здравствуйте. Это – отрывки текст из презентации, посвящённой мобильным приложениям для страховых компаний. Непонятные мне куски выделяю жирным. Буду очень благодарным за разъяснение/перевод.

“How do you drive consistency of engagement (we are trying to deliver an optimized customer experience), how do you make sure all your brokers act in the same way, react in the same way and ask the right type of questions. So these are the challenges that we see, and then two quick updates on some deployments that you can download this case through Microsoft.com. The key reason why our customers and insurance buy Microsoft technology tends to be user adoption, user productivity, increasingly now, because we ship the same product whether it’s deployed on premise or in the cloud, and a lot of our insurance companies are actually moving away from their own premise deployments to deliverer software service deployments.”


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“If I need support from someone within the sales process that is a product expert within my business, I can drag them across, put them into the sales team, and as I update my sales teams, my social thread is updated here within the activity that I’ve done: either the new quote that I’ve made, or a new person that I’ve worked with to build a wider team , so a quick example of what we think the kind of user interface and experience of the future would look like, completely touch-enabled on a mobile device.”